Tromsø International Church

Welcome to join us for services, international gatherings and choir rehearsals. 

Welcome to Tromsø International Church (TIC), a Christian community for people from all nations living in or visiting Tromsø. We offer English language services. We also have a choir- Tromsø International Choir – which welcomes new members. We also welcome suggestions for songs in all languages, if you are willing to teach us!

At Tromsø International Church we uphold international understanding and fellowship across all manner of cultural and church boundaries and traditions.

People moving from one country, work place or life situation to another, face particular challenges. But we also bring particular gifts, grow our identities, and gain new understanding of what it is to be citizens in a wider world. The service of Holy Communion in many churches worldwide contains the words: Though we are many, we are one body, because we all share in one bread; and while this is true for all churches, the sense in which we are many is very special at Tromsø International Church. So we would like Tromsø International Church to become a beacon in Tromsø City of the kind of tolerance, inclusivity, and respectful curiosity about one another´s life experiences which helps everyone to flourish, in a multicultural world.

Do join us, if you are interested, whether on a one off occasion, or as a more regular attender interested in helping us grow. You can contact us via the following channels, or simply come to one of the events listed below and introduce yourself to one of us. We look forward to welcoming you.

Asanuo Heneise, TIC coordinator:, or +47 40100299

Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, TIC pastor:, or on + 47 95454337.

All our services and gatherings will be published on

Sunday services - spring semester 2022
We come together for English language Sunday services in Tromsø domkirke once a month.  These services are ecumenical and international.  (Always check our Facebook page in case of changes,

Sunday 13 February 5pm

Sunday 20 March at 5pm

Sunday 24 April at 5 pm

Monday 15 May 5pm

Sunday 12 June at 5pm

Choir rehearsals- spring semester 2022
We gather every Tuesday evenings from 7 pm - 8:45pm for choir rehearsals.

*Our meeting place is Tromsø domkirke, located at kirkegata 7, 9008, Tromsø

*From: Common Worship